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    HSE New Directions

    New Directions is the HSE’s approach to supporting adults with disabilities who use day services in Ireland. New Directions sets out twelve supports that should be available to people with disabilities using ‘day services’.  

    It proposes that ‘day services’ should take the form of individualised outcome-focussed supports to allow adults using those services to live a life of their choosing in accordance with their own wishes, needs and aspirations.

    Full details of New Directions can be found on the HSE website.

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    The 12 supports map to Interim Standards which are set out under 7 themes as listed below which can easily be met through the use of iplanit.

    • 01

      Individualised Services and Supports  

      A person-centred approach to service provision is one where services are planned and delivered with the active involvement of people who use services. When services are person-centred, the service provider truly listens to and respects the choices that the individual makes and tailors services and supports around these choices to enable people to lead a life of their choosing.

    • 02

      Effective Services and Supports  

      Effective services ensure that the proper support mechanisms are in place to enable people with disabilities to lead a fulfilling life. Personal planning is central to supporting people to identify their goals, needs and preferences and what supports need to be put in place by the service to ensure that each person achieves their goals. 

    • 03

      Safe Services and Supports  

      Service providers should promote the safety of people using their services through the assessment of risk, learning from adverse events and the implementation of policies and procedures designed to protect people with disabilities. 

    • 04

      Leadership, Governance and Management 

      Effective leadership and management ensure that a service provider fulfils its statement of purpose and achieves its objectives. The deployment of necessary resources through informed decisions and actions facilitates the delivery of high quality, person-centred services and supports to people with disabilities 

    • 05

      Responsive Workforce 

      Each staff member has a key role to play in delivering high quality, person-centred services and supports to people with disabilities. Service providers organise and manage their workforce to ensure that staff have the required skills, experience and competencies to respond to the needs of the people using their services and supports. 

    • 06

      Use of Resources  

      The effective management and use of available financial and human resources is fundamental to delivering high quality, person-centred and reliable services and supports that meet the needs of people with disabilities. 

    • 07

      Use of information 

      Quality information and effective information systems are central to improving the quality of services and supports for people with disabilities. Quality information, which is accurate, complete, legible, relevant, reliable, timely and valid, is an important resource for service providers in planning, managing, delivering and monitoring services. 

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